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Booking and Payment 

The appropriate Hall Hire Fee is to be paid in full by cheque or BACS (see booking form for details).
Special payment terms may be agreed with regular hall users.
The hall Hirer must be over 21 years old.

Use of the Hall

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.
Maximum hall capacity - 150 persons. 
Noise – Please show consideration to neighbouring properties with regard to noise.
Decorations - must be non-flammable and only pinned or tied in place.  Photographs or posters should only be attached to the wall with white tack, no pins or screws are to be used.

Equipment – it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that any equipment brought to and used in the hall is safe and fit for purpose. 
Children’s Parties - The hirer must be present at all times to supervise parties. 
Children are not permitted on the stage, unless taking part in a performance.

The hall operating times are:   Monday to Friday:  0900 to 2400
                                                Saturday and Sunday: 0900 to 2345

Alcohol and Licensing Law.
It is a legal requirement to obtain a Temporary Events Notice if you intend to sell or supply alcohol at your event. Please discuss this with the Booking Clerk at the time of booking if applicable. 


Licences are held by the Performing Rights Society and Photographic Performance Ltd. It is your responsibility to ensure that any copyright music is covered by these Licences.

After each function, leave the hall and all areas in a clean and tidy condition. 
•    All rubbish must be removed by the Hirer and not left in the Hall or the car park.  
•    You must supply your own tea towels and washing up/cleaning cloths.
•    Sweep the floors and clean off any soiling on the flooring.
•    Clean tables and chairs, if needed, and stack them away in the store.
•    If you have used the kitchen, clean the work surfaces, the cooker, the sink and the floor.
•    The cost of any additional cleaning necessary through non-observance of the above conditions may be met from the Hirer.
Safety, Accidents and Emergencies
•    In an emergency - call the appropriate service. The location of the hall is NP16 6AW.
•    Setting-out the hall - do not obstruct the emergency exits or access/move fire extinguishers.
•    Make sure you are familiar with the evacuation procedure (see notice board inside entry) 
•    First Aid - the basic first aid kit is located in the kitchen but depending on activity, you may need to supply additional items. It is a legal requirement that all accidents must be entered in the Accident Book and reported to the Booking Clerk.
•    Fire Risk - portable heaters, cooking apparatus; naked flames, e.g. candles or pyrotechnics are not permitted anywhere on the site.
•    No Smoking is permitted anywhere inside the building. In the car park please dispose of cigarette stubs responsibly.
•    Use of the stage is not allowed, unless prior permission has been given by the Committee.
•    There is a defibrillator outside the building entrance doors.



Car Parking

There is parking available in front of the hall. For safety reasons please avoid parking immediately in front of the main entrance and fire exit door. The Hall accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents whilst parked in the car park.


Lighting and heating are included in the hire charge. Electrical outlets in the kitchen, and additional wall heaters require a pay as you go, using £1 coins in the electric meter in the store room. 

There is a committee member contact number list on the entrance notice board should you need to contact us.


The hall is insured for buildings cover in the event of fire or accidental damage and for third party liability accident insurance.  However, the Earlswood Hall Committee cannot be held responsible for the damage or theft of personal items, equipment or vehicles belonging to Hirers or their guests or for personal injury resulting from their negligent actions whilst on Hall property.

In such circumstances the Hirer agrees to indemnify the Committee against all claims.  Hirers are advised to take out their own insurance cover.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the hall and equipment.  Report any damage to the Booking Clerk.

Earlswood & Newchurch West Memorial Hall Management Committee.
Revised August 2020

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